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But I Already Have a Loyalty Program

Maybe you have been running a loyalty program for years now. Maybe you think..

What are Co-Op Funds and Market Development Funds for Channel Partners?

Co-Op Funds and Marketing Development Funds often run in parallel between..

Channel Partner Incentive Programs: An Introductory Guide

Looking to accelerate sales but don’t know where to begin? Heard of a..

Distractions Can Improve Channel Partner Productivity

“Distractions” is a dirty word in many offices. Focus on your work! Nobody..

How to Manage Co-Leadership in Your Sales Force

You’ve heard it multiple times that two heads are better than one. The..

How NOT To Choose Sales Incentives and Gifts

Picking the right rewards can take your sales incentive program to the next..

20 Things You Can Do to Engage & Motivate Your Employees

There are so many ways to show your appreciation to your team. Employee..

How to Keep Your Sales Team Productive During March Madness:

Bottom-line: Would you give up a few days of fast paced business sales to..

Putting Your Sales Incentives Program on Auto-Pilot

Sales incentives program? Your company is already on top of it and has one..

3 Signs your Employee Engagement Program is Broken

It’s easy to get caught up in everyday office life. So how do you know when..

5 Ways to Make Employee Appreciation Day Last All Year

The First Friday in March is Employee Appreciation Day. Do your employees feel..

Does Your Strategic Direction Affect Your Company’s Culture?

“Strategy is just the headline on the company’s story – culture needs a clearly..

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Hates Coming to Work

It might be early Monday morning, midday on Wednesday or late in the..

Set Sales Goals Ahead

Each year, leadership teams plan out their sales teams’ goals and incentive..

Are You Dealing with Recruiting & Retention Problems?

With any business cycle, there are changing of hands. People voluntarily leave..

What Levels of My Business Can I Reward?

Most top level executives who run engagement and incentive programs tend to..

Employee Engagement: Most Commonly Asked Questions

When it comes to employee engagement practices, solutions and programs, there..

How to Maximize Your Employees Strengths

When looking at your sales team, keep in mind that each person has their own..

It's Time to Take a Look at Your Company Culture

As a leader, you routinely monitor a multitude of aspects of your business:..

Do You Know How to Utilize Your Millennial Asset?

The “M” word. What does it mean to you? Millennials are used to be seen in a..

Top 5 Results of Sales Incentive Programs

If your business has a sales team and has either recently implemented a sales..

Why Impersonal Rewards Are a BAD Idea

Ever receive a restaurant gift card when you're trying to lose weight?

How Negativity Impacts Your Company Culture

Negativity spreads faster than a wildfire. You may not recognize it yet, but..

Sales Incentives and Sales Channel Partners 101

How are sales rewarded (or not rewarded) in your business)? Focused business..

The Power of Peer-to-Peer Recognition

In an increasingly connected world, employees care more than ever what their..

4 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated Throughout the Year

Productivity can dip no matter what time of the day, day of the week or week..

Top 10 Signs Your Employees Aren't Engaged

Take a lap around the office, hold meetings with your employees, host a lunch..

Improving Leadership Skills in Sales

Maybe you’re the head of a company. Maybe you’re a department leader trying..

4 Must Have Qualities of a Successful Sales Team

When on-boarding a new sales team or taking a step back to evaluate your..

Leader of Inspiration vs Leader of Disengagement

There are two types of leaders prevalent in today’s work force; ones inspiring..

Motivating Employees Through the Holidays

The holidays have arrived!It’s time for all the food, love and giving you..


We asked a Employee Engagement Program participant to give us their..

How to Successfully Make an End of the Year Sales Incentive Program
Picture this scenario: it’s the end of the third quarter and your sales..
What Does Employee Engagement Mean to You & How to Keep Employees Engaged

It's a question we hear and ask on a regular basis. But have you ever really..

5 Reasons You Need an Online Employee Incentive Program


The only thing worse than forgetting to buy your spouse a birthday..

Top 4 Ways to Ensure a Successful Company Environment

Company Culture. Company Environment. Your Workplace. How would you define it?

How NOT to Set Your Sales Team Up For Failure

For every way to succeed in business, there’s a way to fail. Lack of..

The Link Between Customer Satisfaction and Employee Engagement

If you really think about it, everyone can be considered a consumer.

Engagement 'Drivers' Lead To Increased Productivity

Defining productivity in your own words might come as a challenge.

Breaching the Employee Engagement Pyramid

Have you ever seen the same business phrase come up again and again, no matter..

Engaging Millennials: Energize Your Most Valuable Asset

For the last few decades the workforce has been made up with dedicated,..

How to Defeat Employee Burnout

When you look around your office, do you see strong energy and devotion to..

How to Use Engagement Tactics to Retain Your Rockstars

Think of your sales staff, marketing team, IT department, or just your..

What is a Sales Incentive Program (SPIFF)?

Sales Incentive Programs, often called SPIFFs, are designed to connect your..

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated During the Summertime

The sun is out, people are itching to be near water and many members of your..

5 Bad Excuses for Not Implementing a Sales Incentive Program

Your sales teams is lacking in productivity and they continue to bring in low..

Cash vs. Non-Cash Incentives

Most companies believe that cash is the ultimate motivator, but we encourage..

Do You Know Where Your Employees Are Going Next?

With economic conditions continually increasing, job flexibility becomes top of..

Stories Told By Employees: 10 Reasons Why You Should Encourage Employee Engagement

When looking at employee engagement as a topic at large, you will come across..

Do You Have Any Peer-to-Peer Engagement Tactics in Place?

Do you know who your engagement program is run by within your business? The..

Stories Told By Employees: Your Company has a HIGH Turnover Rate, What Now?

Your turnover rate is higher than ever and with the economy continuing to grow,..

What Defines Your Leadership Style?

What type of leader are you?

How to Build Loyalty with Your Independent Contractors

Independent contractors continue to be an increasing trend within the..

The Top 3 Characteristics That Every Leader Should Have

What characteristics comprise a great leader? How do they act? How do they ..

[Don’t Take] Homer Simpson’s Advice on Motivating Employees

Homer Simpson has held almost 200 jobs (most lasting just one episode) and..

Guide: Employee Rewards for a Multigenerational Workforce

Would you give a 21 year old the same gift as a 35 year old? How about a 45..

When is the RIGHT Time for a Channel Partner Loyalty Program?

In a time where product information is easily accessible at any time, more..

5 Steps to Start Your Loyalty Program

You’ve read all the research. You understand the benefits and positive ROI...

Motivating Sales with an Incentive Program

You know that it takes every department running smoothly within their..

How (NOT) To Do a Sales Incentive Program

With so much great advice out there about how to create a successful sales..

5 Unfortunate Things You Didn’t Know About Rewards Catalogs
Picture this: The year is 1850 and it’s your mom’s birthday; you need to..
Top 6 Objectives Organizations Use Employee Incentive Programs To Accomplish

What are you looking to accomplish with an employee incentive program?

How to Speak the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

The idea of five love languages has been known to enhance communication and..

Four Ways Incentives Promote Innovation

The rapid evolution of communication, technology and other processes have..

8 Qualities of Exceptional Employees

For many companies, they look for exceptional characteristics when hiring..

McGregor's Theory: Short-Term VS Long-Term Motivation

Motivation and engagement are critical components of any business strategy,..

4 Tips for Effective Supervisor and Sales Team Communication

solution based advice on overcoming communication problems. Maneuvering a ..

Top 5 Ways to Foster Company Culture, Starting Today

Do your colleagues enjoy coming into work every day?

What’s the Difference Between Disengaged and Unengaged Employees?

What if a warning light went off each time your company’s best assets..

Sales Incentives vs. Sales Compensation

Your sales team deserves rewards for excellent performance. There are plenty..

3 Primary Types of Channel Partners and How to Reward Them

Channel partners are a vital part of manufacturers looking to increase both..


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