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But I Already Have a Loyalty Program

Maybe you have been running a loyalty program for years now. Maybe you think you have a solid, loyal participant base. 


But - are you (and your current provider) utilizing your participant base to the maximum potential for your brand?


We get it - it can be scary to jump ship from a vendor that you've had for years. But don't fret! E2 makes it easy to make that leap.


We are experienced in transitioning programs from other vendors to us - making that jump seamless (and painless!) for your participants, no matter the length of time you've been with your current vendor.


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Step 1 - Let's Talk


E2 schedules a meeting with your team to go through everything that is important to making sure the transition is smooth. We will go through all the details of your program (current and any changes you want to make in the new program) to make sure we are all on the same page from day one. Some (just some!) of the questions you will want to make sure you are ready to answer:

  • What parameters does your current vendor have?
  • What reward algorithm do you currently have in place or what algorithm do you want to have in place?
  • What criteria will be used to create the rewards algorithm?
  • Do you want or need quality control for submissions?


Step 2 - Let's Get Codin'


You have told us your expectations. You've explained how you want the program to look. Now it's time to throw it all over to our insanely talented development team to bring your ideas to life. Examples of some current program algorithms:

  • Participants must be confirmed in our system as having completed certifications in order to claim products. Certifications and Eligible Products are all programmed into our back end so once a participant submits, as long as they qualify for both in our system, their rewards are immediately deposited into their rewards account.
  • Participants submit invoices into our platform along with data from those invoices. Reward amounts are based on Product Style and Size. Our QC Team checks to make sure everything matches between the data inputted and the attached invoice, approves (or sends back for revision) and the rewards are immediately deposited into their rewards account.


Step 3 - Don't Stress, Test!


First up, the E2 Team combs your new website, trying to break it. We test every link, every submission, every algorithm. Once we are convinced we have caught (and fixed) it all, we'll provide your team with login information to have the first look at your participants' new and improved loyalty experience.


Step 4 - Sign 'em Up!


Can't have a loyalty program without participants. We can pre-register all of your existing participants into the new program so there's one less step they all have to make in order to dive right into the fun!


This is also the time where we will start our communications plan to participants. We want them involved in it early so this isn't a surprise! We'll send out all the information they will need to get started before the new program even begins. They will be chomping at the bits to find out when the GO LIVE date is!


Step 5 - Time for Takeoff!


It's time! The program is LIVE to all your participants. Our goal is always to make the process simple to understand. Just in case participants have questions, we make sure our Customer Support Team is educated, amped and ready for any calls or emails that come through those first few weeks. They will be ready to walk them through the site and answer any questions that may come up.


Step 6 - Get Excited to Roll!


As we mentioned in Step 4, our team has been quietly plotting a full-blown communications strategy behind the scenes. By this point, we have already sent out several email communications to your participants, teasing them with little tidbits about the new program - how it will work, what the site looks like, all kinds of fun things.


This doesn't end after the program is up and running. We continue the communications for the first few months after the program deploys. Those first few months are crucial to making sure your participants are excited about the new program and understand it so they can use it to the fullest. 




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