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4 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated Throughout the Year

Instead of a monthly sales push, a long term strategy keeps employees motivated year round

Productivity can dip no matter what time of the day, day of the week or week out of a year. A focused business strategy maximizes the amount of productivity in your sales team.  Here’s how to re-engage and keep your sales teams motivated throughout the year:


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1. Set Goals & Objectives 

Are your sales goals clear? Even more importantly, have they been clearly communicated to your sales team? Whether the goals are daily, monthly, quarterly or annually, they must be plainly stated and achievable. Ensure the goals are communicated often so your sales team is reminded of the company’s objectives. Recapping the goals and objects is a great time to remind your team about the rewards from your sales incentive plan!


2. Acknowledge Accomplishments 


Acknowledging effort is a small act that can reap huge rewards. In your next sales meeting or team gathering, make sure you are always recognizing your employee's feats in a way that best aligns with their personality. Just a quick shout out to the sales guy who hit his goal this month or brought in the most contracts will go a long way to keep productivity and motivation high. Bonus – this doesn’t cost you (or your budget) a dime!  

3. Create Team Collaboration 


Sales tends to be a solo job – but it doesn’t have to be. Together Everyone Achieves More! Encourage your team to collaborate and you will be successfully passing each member’s strength to another. Bringing teams together also fosters innovation and creativity when solving problems or coming up with new strategies.

4. Reward for Success


Success goes beyond recognizing your team. Successful sales strategies reward for accomplishments. Rewarding your sales team not only keeps motivation levels high, but it also increases dedication and loyalty. Don’t lose your best assets by not rewarding them for going above and beyond with a Sales Incentive Program.  


Are you ready to set your sales team up for success? Make sure you have an incentive plan in place to reward your team for maximize productivity and hard work.



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