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How to Maximize Your Employees Strengths

Determine, Develop, Communicate, Reward

When looking at your sales team, keep in mind that each person has their own strengths and weaknesses.


Doug Conant (To win in the marketplace...)


In order to build your “A” team, you have to be intentional about using those strengths to the fullest.


Tips to Maximize your Employees Strengths:


Determine Strengths


There are many tests, surveys and quizzes out there that can help you determine where your employees fall on a spectrum of different skills and characteristics. While these tests can be helpful as self-discovery exercises, one of the best ways to see top skills is to simply listen. Listen to your employees, watch their actions, understand their behaviors in several different situations – this will give you clear, transparent and actionable insight.


Develop a Strategy


Do you have goals for each member of your team? Maybe you see one moving into a manager role…another being a project manager…and then another gaining job responsibilities through tasks. No matter the position, employee or specific person, it’s important to have individualized plans and strategies set. Set goals, grow your people, develop from within and watch your company have long-term success.


Clear Communication


Without communication, your strategy stays in the planning phase. It is important to remain clear and transparent throughout the year. Display actionable goals and objectives throughout your workplace. This will maintain a positive company culture with happy individuals that know their roles and what they are striving for – as well as having a grasp on the overall mission and vision of the company.


Give Rewards


Reward the behaviors that are beneficial for your business. The more you reinforce positive behaviors, the more they are going to happen.


Overall, it is important to recognize, value and reward every member of your team. Determine their strengths, give them a path to grow and watch your business thrive.



CTA Sales Team