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How to Build Loyalty with Your Independent Contractors

5 strategies to help your independent contractors excel

Independent contractors continue to be an increasing trend within the business world today. From graphic designers to project managers and everyday laborers, independent contractors give companies the ability to keep costs down while maintaining efficiency.


Although the workplace shifting from loyal, full-time employees to transitory independent contractors provides some benefits, many companies face glooming engagement results.


Not only is employee engagement affected, but company culture, productivity and bottom-line results are affected as well. Make sure your independent contractors feel part of the team and work to prioritize your company’s goals by following these key steps below.




Top 5 Ways to Build Loyalty with Your Independent Contractors

1. Keep Lines of Communication Open

With many contractors working remotely, it is important to map out a successful communication plan. This will help both you and your independent team achieve goals in a timely and efficient manner. Make sure your communication plan includes: 

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly meet-up in a virtual meeting room or face to face
  • Regular discussion of company goals & values
  • Decide on a dedicated way of communication that works best for both parties (phone, email, etc.) 
  • Make sure to keep the whole team in the loop


2. Work to Build Strong, Working Relationships

Just because you are hiring independent contractors does not mean your team functionality has to suffer. With all of the advances in technology today, there are several different options out there to keep your team on track. Try Google Hangouts, Skype sessions, weekly conference calls, and/or Go-to Meetings.

3. Provide Training on Company Goals & Values

Goal alignment is crucial to achieving the strategic proposition your company is out to accomplish. Here at Energy 2 Engage, we have a three step guide we go by to ensure goal alignment across every facet of your business.


Define Goals
    •  What are the specific objectives that need focus?
    •  How do you measure improvement?
    •  What are your benchmarks?
Create Alignment
    •  Communicate your expectations up & down the organization
    •  Establish specific milestones for reaching goals
    •  Track KPIs (key performance indicators) and ROI (return on investment)
Measure Performance
    •  Track results & adjust/enhance strategy
    •  Communicate changes, enhancements and results to ensure continued focus 


4.  Offer Outlet for Feedback


Track progress by offering an anonymous outlet for feedback. Not only does this create a team atmosphere, but it also allows for communication to stay streamlined. This gives you the opportunity to add enhancements on how you work with your independent contractors.

5. Develop an Incentive Plan

Create a comprehensive plan that will help you engage your independent contractors, keep open lines of communication, build strong relationships, streamline training and create an outlet for surveys.


By implementing an Employee Recognition program with Energy 2 Engage, you will provide an online, customized program for your team that will allow them to be rewarded with what they want to be rewarded with. Being a direct-to-retail platform allows our clients to be able to motivate their team with ease and success. 



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