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Do You Know Where Your Employees Are Going Next?

How to Create a Culture Worth Staying at

With economic conditions continually increasing, job flexibility becomes top of discussion for most employees.


The individual begins to think about their experience at their current position: “do I really enjoy what I do”, “is this company culture healthy for me” and “am I ready for something else”, are just some of the questions that cross their mind. With many more choices available on the market, do you know where your employees are going next?

“47% of employees say a lack of recognition from a previous employer was the reason they left a job.” –Business Management Daily



Not Ready to Lose Your Employees?


Fortunately for you, there are several different routes you can take to ensure your employees are looking ahead with your company, not others. Below are opportunities that are proven to develop success and maintain retention rates.

Create a company culture worth staying at.

You have probably read several articles by now about generations and their specific needs for company culture. These factors should certainly come into play, but we encourage you to look beyond specific generations and into your dedicated team. Different things resonate with different people, so make sure to touch as many as possible to create an effective company culture.

Be transparent and communicate effectively.

Changes are often complicated. Make sure to clearly communicate to your workforce. Also, we don’t only stress clear communication during times of change, but all the time. This will allow you to gain their trust and dedication to goals and objectives moving forward.

Weed out the bad eggs.

If a specific employee or recent change is causing a problem for the whole team, make sure to deal with the problem head on. Adding on to transparency and communication, those not willing or interested in change will lead to disengaged employees, driving negativity within your culture.

Recognize behaviors that should be rewarded.

Recognize often, reward even more often, and make sure to do both in the way that best suits that particular employee. These are all principles that we encourage our clients to live by to see the most change at their organization. When all the energy in the building is engaged, who knows what results you can achieve.

Provide opportunity for growth with your company.

No one likes to be stuck. Constantly communicate training and development opportunities. If your employees know there is room for growth within your company, the more motivation they have to do their current job extremely well.


What Now?


Implementing these ideals will not only help your company succeed, but you will also notice an atmosphere that motivates employees to stay. Looking beyond short-term affects, developing a comprehensive year-over-year plan for retention is extremely important. To progress in a timely manner, your company has to sit down and create an Employee Engagement and Recognition solution. 



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