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Top 10 Signs Your Employees Aren't Engaged

And how to turn things around

Take a lap around the office, hold meetings with your employees, host a lunch every now and then, and you will be able to gauge the culture, attitude and engagement levels of your employees.

Are you happy with what you are seeing? Often, a member of top management goes to gauge the engagement levels within their company and they find disturbing results.


Either they can’t tell if their employees are engaged or they clearly see people are not engaged.


Don’t be oblivious to the warning signs.

Top 10 Signs That Your Employees Aren’t Engaged:

1. Your employees call in sick, more often than normal


2. Constant chatter and wandering around the office


3. Your turnover is high for your industry


4. They don’t refer others for open jobs


5. They are starting to miss their sales goals


6. They constantly complain about top management


7. Your employees always show up late and leave early


8. They have poor attitude about the strategy of your company


9. Customer satisfaction and service declines


10. They start to become more quiet and reserved


How to Turn Things Around:


Employee Engagement and Recognition Programs. You might be wondering how an employee engagement program can help your company succeed. Well, if you reverse the signs above into Top 10 Signs That Your Employees ARE Engaged, you will easily see the benefits of a comprehensive solution.

1. Your employees rarely call out for sick days


2. Idle chatter and wandering are kept at a minimum


3. Your turnover rate is low and continues to be low


4. Your employees refer their friends and family for open positions


5. The sales team is constantly going above and beyond on their sales goals


6. Top management is respected and looked to for guidance


7. Employees are on time and stay late when needed


8. Your employees' great attitudes make your company a great place to work


9. Company-wide meetings are a great place for employees to show innovative and creativity ideas


10. Employees are thriving, lively, and collaborative with your customer base

Ready to Start Engaging your Employees?


Here at Energy 2 Engage, we build and craft employee engagement programs to make your workplace more successful. Whether you are looking for a traditional Service Anniversary program, a program for peers to recognize each other, or even a Sales Incentive and Channel Partner Rewards program, we have a program for your needs. Reward and recognize your whole enterprise through an online rewards platform, with what they want to be rewarded by. No catalogs here, only branded experiences that will benefit all facets of your business!



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