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Are You Dealing with Recruiting & Retention Problems?

Examining an industry with high turnover: Trucking

With any business cycle, there are changing of hands. People voluntarily leave for better opportunities, different locations, etc. But what is the magic key in keeping retention rates down and when you are in the position to hire - getting qualified people through the door.


Recruiting & Retention:


With the economy continuing to grow (meaning fewer applicants on the market), more companies are offering comprehensive benefits plans, how you do become competitive?


In many industries today, recruiting has become a skilled game. Often, we hear HR managers ask themselves...


What can I say or do that will make this person want to come to work for my company?


How do we appeal to the different generations?


What perks should we offer?


How fast do we need to get an offer letter out?


All of these questions and so many more run through a recruiter's heads day-in and day-out.


Then, once you have figured out how to get them in the door, how do you keep your top performers around


Industry Spotlight: Trucking


Let's evaluate one of the most impacted industries with recruiting and retention problems: the trucking industry. With job offers having to go out within 24/48 hours to secure a recruit and many companies reporting over 67% voluntary turnover, these hot topics are a major issue.


We know that many companies use signing bonuses to capture the attention of drivers, or air equipped rides, and even truck maintenance programs.


Here are a few additional ways we help combat these serious issues:

  • Develop a company culture that people want to work for. It is proven in this industry specifically that more compensation doesn't necessarily mean higher retention and recruiting rates.

  • Create a driver referral program to bring more qualified options to the table.

  • Provide re-hire incentives. If someone wants to leave your company, give them even more reason to come back someday.

  • Offer incentives and rewards to keep your team trained, informed, knowledgeable, productive and motivated.

  • Move to a more effective marketing strategy. Be targeted, specific and have a well thought out plan. Ensure all of your content is mobile friendly for those drivers who may not have a computer on the road.

  • Measure and track your progress. Nothing can tell you better whats working (and isn’t working), than your own company data.


How Energy 2 Engage Can Help:


Allow us to take the burden off your back and help you accomplish your recruiting and retention goals. With our Employee Engagement and Recognition programs, we will help you develop goals, attain alignment within your business and see the performance you are looking for.



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