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Do You Know How to Utilize Your Millennial Asset?

What your millenial workforce is seeking

The “M” word. What does it mean to you?

Millennials are used to be seen in a negative light due to the hard hitting changes that are impacting the workforce. Changes like flexible schedules, advanced leadership opportunities supplemental education offers, used to take companies by surprise.


Forbes has put together a great graphic to show companies what millennials are really wanting - check it out below.

what millennials want

How to Help Your Business Adapt:


You might not have a lot of millennials working for your company right now, but just give it a few years and over 50% of your workforce will be. Unfortunately, this shift in philosophy and ideology is going to take a little changing.


We suggest creating a comprehensive engagement strategy that will focus on applying these culture principles throughout your workforce, no matter the generation.

Idea: Supplemental Education


Impact: Offer your employees the ability to go to conferences or tradeshows, provide them with educational tools such as Lynda.com, allow them to take classes at a local school. All will show your employees that you care about developing their skill set and your company will give them the opportunity to advance.

Idea: Flexible Work Hours


Impact: Be flexible. Maybe your employee has a doctor’s appointment, needs to work from home because the babysitter didn’t show up, needs to leave a little early to catch their kid's soccer game. All are cost-friendly to your company, show you have an interest in your employee’s life and provides the work/life balance that millennials are striving for.

Idea: Charity Opportunities


Impact: Allow your employees the opportunity to give back with your organization. Plan company outings to help the local Boys & Girls Club, build a Habitat House, hold a clothing drive. These are just some of things you can do as a company to build up a positive culture, attract upcoming millennial talent and retain your key contributors.

Let Energy 2 Engage Help Build Your Engagement Strategy!


You don’t have to be alone in this journey.


Culture shifts are happening all over within multiple industries and organizations. We will help you take these practices and adapt them to your business for ultimate success. It’s important to remember that not every company needs to approach Employee Engagement the same way and your solution will be unique to your objectives and goals.



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