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Being a team player and asking the right questions

We asked a Employee Engagement Program participant to give us their definition of what employee engagement means to them. Their response?

"An engaged employee is enthusiastic about his/her work. He or she has the best interest of the company in mind and strives to go above and beyond daily."

One word: Enthusiasm.


Truthfully, that one word is the key to your company’s success.



Given two scenarios, which would you prefer?


Employee A:


Drags in to work a few minutes past starting time with a half-hearted grunt in the direction of their colleagues. Hides behind a cubicle and headphones without interacting with the rest of the team. Does their job, as requested, but never above and beyond. Just mediocre.

Employee B:


Arrives to work 5-10 minutes before starting time to get settled and refill the Keurig tank for their colleagues (everyone knows the morning coffee ritual is crucial!). Greets each coworker as they walk in the door. Is excited to take on new initiatives, asks good questions and always wants to be better.

Easy choice, right?


Overall, the main difference between the two employees is enthusiasm. One employee is enthusiastic about their job and wants to be the best they can. The other is just going through the motions. You’ve always heard that enthusiasm is contagious – and it is! Just take a look around your office. 

Who are the employees that everyone wants to work with and be around? The ones that are positive and enthusiastic! Who are the employees that people avoid?

Make sure you’re engaging your most enthusiastic employees – it could change your company in immeasurable ways. Not sure how? We’d love to talk through some options with you.



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