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Stories Told By Employees: 10 Reasons Why You Should Encourage Employee Engagement

Productivity, Innovation, Appreciation, and more

When looking at employee engagement as a topic at large, you will come across research-based papers, articles and blogs. While this information is extremely effective, it is also important to go beyond research for human interaction.


We asked participants with company that have employee engagement programs on their thoughts on why their company should encourage employee engagement.

10 reasons why employees believes their company should encourage employee engagement:

1. "Employee engagement leads to teamwork and engenders better collaboration, which leads to increased productivity and lower turnover!"

2. "It promotes productivity and innovation."

3. "One reason a company should encourage employee engagement is to maintain and increase morale and loyalty. An employee feels valued knowing that the company they are working for cares- whether it be a token of appreciation due to longevity or the suggestion of adding recycle bins in the break room. Everyone wants to feel valued; specifically in their work environment."

4. "It helps people feel a part of the company and not just simply another 'puppet'. Everyone wants to feel valued and respected!"

5. "Employee Engagement should be encouraged because your people ARE your company, in every way. They represent your brand and they represent your culture. If you don't encourage your employees to embrace your company by investing in employee engagement, then you're essentially refusing to invest in your company's future."

6. "It makes employees excited to put in longer hours, knowing that what they do has a positive effect on the company and their future with that company."

7. "Employee engagement increases productivity and ultimately positively impacts ROI."

8. "The key to success/longevity for companies is through interdepartmental communication. Through constant communication, employees build stronger connections with their peers, managers and ultimately the company/brand. Creating the space for dialogue and engagement between departments creates transparency among departments which in turn helps paint the role and the challenges that a certain department has within the company."

9. "Keeping an employee engaged reduces boredom for the employee and keeps the employee operating at 100%, which in turn keeps the company functioning at 100%."

10. "It helps the employee feel more like a member of a team rather than just a face in a crowd."

Employee Engagement programs are a huge topic within every industry and will continue to grow as new generations begin to enter the workforce. From high-level research to a simple answer from a dedicated employee, you can see that engagement is extremely important across the board.


Energy 2 Engage offers many unique solutions to employee engagement issues in the workforce. By sitting down, creating an effective plan and stapling out key communication you will see your company grow and achieve bottom-line business results. 

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