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Leader of Inspiration vs Leader of Disengagement

Are you a leader or 'just a boss'?

There are two types of leaders prevalent in today’s work force; ones inspiring their workforce and ones causing disengagement.



Are you a leader, or 'just a boss'? 


With numerous studies published on employee engagement, you probably understand that retention and motivation is a huge topic dominant in the workforce. With Gallup Surveys producing statistics like the one below, it is easy to see the average workers are not engaged, acknowledged and valued on the job. 

“70% of U.S. workers are not engaged or actively disengaged at work.” –Gallup

But unfortunately, font line employees are not the only one's lacking engagement with their work.


Many managers or leaders working behind closed doors at the office can becoming less engaged with their teams as they climb higher within the ladder of their company. Disengagement often starts at the top and trickles through the company culture.

How do you tell if you are a disengaged leader? Adapted from Dov Baron’s Article “Are You an Inspiring Leader, Or a Leader Who Inspires Disengagement?” here is a great checklist to double check how you inspire and guide your employees. 

Your Leadership Check List:
  • Do you recognize your employees on a consistent basis?

  • Do you understand your organization’s purpose and vision?

  • Does your team understand and acknowledge your organization’s values and goals?

  • Do your employees know about your life outside of work? Do you know what is happening in their lives?

  • Do you challenge yourself and others around you to always be your best or their best?

  • Does your team find you inspiring and genuinely interested in their growth? Do you find yourself motivating and engaging?

After reading through the checklist, where do you think you stand? It is quite alright if you feel you have some areas to work on, you have to know we all do!

Flipping the switch from disengagement to engagement within your leadership skills may be a defining moment in your career.


Engagement has more impact than ever in helping your company produce better bottom line results. 

Working on improving yourself and striving to find inspiration to change your tactics can be difficult.


To make it a bit easier, here are some suggestions and how you can hone in on your leadership skills and become a leader who engages their team.

  • Publicize your team’s success

  • Acknowledge the work and innovations your employees put forward

  • Clearly express the company’s vision and mission to all employees

  • Help communication flow by asking your employees to keep their ideas moving forward

  • Find out what motivates your employees and provide them with that extra boost

  • Align your team’s goals with both your own and the company’s


Be a leader who inspires great innovation and engagement throughout your company. Here at E2, we work to provide your company with a customized incentive solution to best fit your needs.


Whether you want to help train your employees through e-learning, quiz yourself on company knowledge or incentivize your sales team to get them to know each other better, we can find a solution for you!

What is your definition of leadership? Are you engaged or disengaged?



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