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How to Keep Your Sales Team Productive During March Madness:

This is one distraction we can get behind

Bottom-line: Would you give up a few days of fast paced business sales to achieve long-term retention, motivation, and increasing revenue?

It’s March and what is the thing that comes first to mind for most sports fans? March Madness. An ultimately crazy basketball tournament that captives your teams time, competitive drive and productivity.


Unfortunately, for most businesses, the first round of this tournament happens during the work day. And if we are all honest with each other, that means streaming from laptops, desktops and many hours spent lingering around the TV in the office kitchen.

How can I make this work for my sales team?


I need to keep my people present, productive and SELLING!

The answer lies within the definition of engagement and motivation. According to Forbes, “Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.”

We here at Energy 2 Engage would argue that if each member of your sales team is committed fully to your organizational goals and objectives, allowing flexibility and freedom within their scope of work should not be an issue for your company.

But, let’s back up a step...


How do you get your sales team to the point of engagement?

Hurry up and tell us, March Madness is already here!

Allow for the distraction, hype and craziness will happen in the best of the office cultures. Encourage your sales team to take a break to watch the game, go to a local restaurant at lunch to catch the second half or throw a potluck and play games on the projector. Even in a Sales Incentive Program, it's okay to allow for positive distractions.



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