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Employee Engagement: Most Commonly Asked Questions

Top Questions about Employee Engagement Programs

When it comes to employee engagement practices, solutions and programs, there are a ton of questions.


Cost, timing, return on investment, where to even start?


As an employee engagement and recognition partner to organizations, Energy 2 Engage tends to field a lot of these questions and help come up with the best possible solution for our partners. On an overall basis, we have found that the questions below are the most common and easiest to answer on a general platform.


Top 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Employee Engagement:

1. What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a high level phrase that encompasses motivating your employees to perform at their best, shifting to a more positive company culture, and recognizing employees for hitting goals throughout the year. It's the crucial connection between your employee’s behavior and the mission, vision and goals of your company.

2. Why should I spend money on an Employee Engagement Program?

The amount of money lost from unproductive employees, who turnover within your company, continues to climb past $11 billion year over year. If this number isn’t enough to convince you, think of the positive attributes that your company will receive from employee engagement: enhanced loyalty, increased productivity, boost in your bottom line-revenue and higher retention rates


3. Who should be in charge of employee engagement?

Every level from the top executives down should be part of the employee engagement strategy. Typically, an Employee Engagement Program is housed under the HR umbrella (even part of Total Rewards), but all of the business units are involved in making the program a success. A diverse perspective and implementation of your engagement plan will facilitate the best results.


4. How much do employee engagement programs costs?


It depends on what type of program you're looking at. In the past, catalog programs and gift card programs have been around (but are obsolete in today's instant gratification world).

At Energy 2 Engage, our Employee Engagement programs are pay-for-results.  This means that a specific action (whether a peer recognition, service anniversary, or other recognition method) must occur before the reward is issued. Our incentive solutions are customized to your goals and objectives, business needs and budget – we will work with you to design the perfect program for your company.


5. Will my company get a return on investment for a program like this?

Absolutely! The more engaged, productive and innovative your employees are the more your company will succeed. E2’s clients consistently see over 100% ROI each year with their employee engagement programs since our programs are pay-for-results.

Have More Questions?


Energy 2 Engage is here to help! Don’t worry, any question is a good question and we probably have heard it before. Whether you are in elementary planning phases or ready to implement your engagement program, we can help!



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