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3 Signs your Employee Engagement Program is Broken

Low Morale is the First Indicator

It’s easy to get caught up in everyday office life. So how do you know when it’s just another case of the Monday’s or a major issue bubbling beneath the surface?


3 Signs your Employee Engagement Program is Broken:


1. Morale is starting to nosedive.


Step outside of your office or cubicle for a few minutes each day. How’s the atmosphere around you? Are people excited about projects? Or is everyone counting the seconds until they can dart out the door?


Solution: Little gestures can go a long way. Hand out some snacks on a Friday afternoon for a little boost. Write a Thank You note. Recognize people for doing something great instead of focusing on negatives.




2. Vision? What vision?


Pull aside two different people and ask them about your company’s mission statement. Better question – do you even have one? Here at E2 we have what we call a “roadmap.” Together as a company, we came together, decided what goals we had and where we wanted to go. We keep this roadmap at our workspace to continuously remind ourselves of where we are and where we are headed.


Solution: Create your own map. Gather your team, throw out a few ideas and watch the creativity blossom. Sometimes your employees have a different vision than you might have – and that could be a great thing!


3. Nobody knows what’s going on.


Engaged employees are invested in the company. They want to know about anything going on that may affect them. By delaying these communications, you risk alienating your employees when the information becomes public. Be mindful of what needs to stay confidential but be forthcoming with information so that employees feel part of the team as well.


Solution: Schedule regular meetings with your team and open the floor for discussion. Make sure they know that it’s a safe and inviting place to ask questions or offer suggestions.


E2 Can Fix Your Program!


If any of these are hitting home for you, it might be time to rethink your employee engagement program. Do your employees feel appreciated and valued? Do they want to come to work and put forth 110%? 


If you're stuck trying to change the culture of your business or trying to engage your employees, E2 can help fix your problem. Energy 2 Engage (E2) is dedicated to helping organizations create a productive working environment where employees feel appreciated and valued with our Employee Recognition Programs

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