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Do You Have Any Peer-to-Peer Engagement Tactics in Place?

And suggestions to get your ideas in motion

Do you know who your engagement program is run by within your business? The general population tends to answer Human Resources, which most of the time is correct, but do you know who employees need engagement most from? Their peers.

While HR is correct and in charge of a majority of the high-level organization for an Employee Engagement Program, we must all take part in making our company’s culture one that everyone can excel in.

“Peer-to-peer is 35.7% more likely to have a positive impact on financial results than manager-only recognition.” –SHRM Employee Recognition Survey


What are some Peer-To-Peer Engagement Tactics?

  • Help keep the office clean (not just individual space, but common spaces as well)
  • Give extra thanks to that guy that always helps you finish your project or to the IT team that completes the behind the scenes parts

  • Bring in a sweet treat, everybody loves candy

  • Write a hand-written thank you note or send a quick email of appreciation

  • Stop and say hello every once and awhile

  • See your co-worker is slammed with work? Stop by and see what you can do to help!


There are many ways in which you can work towards motivating peers. It often depends on your co-worker’s preference on how they what to be recognized and appreciated. We encourage you to have the conversation and make the effort to change someone’s overall outlook for the better.


I Am Manager, How Do I Encourage My Team To Encourage Each Other?


Providing an atmosphere in which your employees can flourish is not an easy task, we completely understand. Everyone has different values, come from different generations, and up-bringing and even want to be rewarded by different things and in different ways. So, how can you manage all of that, do your job and encourage your team to encourage each other?

Simple answer: an incentive program. For a peer engagement strategy, we have seen incredible success with an On The Spot Recognition Program. Employees can nominate each other, supervisors can nominate, or senior leaders can nominate a colleague for going above and beyond. The rewards are then sent to their manager for approval, then emailed to the reward recipient. Instant Gratification!


Energy 2 Engage will help you build a complete solution that will provide you will all of the opportunities to recognize your employees and help them recognize others. Best of all each reward is unique to each member of your team - allowing the employee to have a comprehensive start to engagement experience that will have them eager to complete goals, meet objectives, help others meet objectives and work towards the greater good of your company.



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