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Workplace Behaviors That Should be Recognized

Uncover and recognize your employees for these behaviors 

When taking a look at employee engagement and recognition programs, you will find that many reward for actions.


These actions are made up of a number of factors from hitting sales quotas to completing a successful presentation or achieving a work anniversary. While these factors are extremely important to include within your comprehensive recognition plan, they are not the only things your leadership team should be noticing.


Digging deeper, many companies find that top employees display certain characteristics that make them an effective, productive, and innovative employee. These factors are the ones that your company should be rewarding and recognizing (on top of actionable items) to build the company culture and growth you are looking for.


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Workplace behaviors that should be recognized:


  • Intrinsic Motivation: When an employee performs an action or behavior by their own will because they enjoy it.

  • Willingness to Learn:  An employee that is inclined to grow and seek out personal and/or company wide growth opportunities.

  • Adaptability: Employees that are open to new ideas and concepts while maintaining flexibility with change.

  • Team Player: These employees work well, bringing out the best in and encouraging their peers.

  • Problem-Solver: The employee who works to bring resolution to an issue, instead of just simply stating the issue.

How do you make these factors evident in everyday business?


“Companies with high-level engagement cultures report a 19% increase in operating income and a 28% increase in earnings growth. “ – Gallup


Companies with high-level engagement cultures reporting such substantial growth, year-over-year - You might look at your company and wonder how your culture can get there. Which, frankly, starts with identifying those key characteristics listed and above and more that you find fit your business.


Once you have identified the characteristics that shine within your business, key-in on those who have these characteristics and recognize them! Your employee engagement and recognition program should be a comprehensive plan that not only boosts revenue, but works on fostering an effective company culture. As a full-service performance improvement company, Energy 2 Engage is well suited to help you with these issues.


From an online platform to custom communication rewarding your employees (with what they want) to be rewarded with, allows you as a company to build a long-term strategy from the bottom up.



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