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Top 4 Ways to Ensure a Successful Company Environment

Creating the right culture is key to a successful organization

Company Culture. Company Environment. Your Workplace. How would you define it?

Company culture essentially defines the personality of your organization. It includes how you do things, what values you strive to embody, your company’s strategic mission, what goals you are working towards and the atmosphere your employees work in.

When you look at the overall picture, your company culture can affect various aspects of your business. It has its hand in employee turnover rates, overall productivity, your revenue stream and your bottom line. Nobody can afford to have a company culture that lacks inclusive aspects. To put it simply, company culture makes a difference!

“55 percent of respondents from companies with inclusive business environments are ‘very confident’ about their organizations future revenue outlook, while only 35 percent of respondents from non-inclusive companies expressed the same level of confidence.” –Cisco IBSG Survey

There are many ways to build a successful and inclusive work environment. It takes hard work and dedication to create a culture in which everyone can thrive and enjoy.

Top 4 Ways to Ensure a Successful Company Environment:

1. Communication

There are many ways to enable a healthy communication flow throughout your work environment. It is all about asking the right questions, listening, and striving to continuously be transparent with company goals and objectives. Not only is it important to view communication in an overall sense, but also as a daily task. Work on building communication on a regular basis by adding these into your routine:

2. Enablement

Give your employees the tools they need to succeed! Whether it is providing additional training, offering the ability for your employees to take outside classes, sending them to engaging conferences or by offering some in-house advice. Empowerment goes a long way. Not only will you see an improvement in employee performance and happiness, but by enabling your employees you are ensuring a successful company environment.

3. Flexibility

Work-life balance. More than ever, this term has strong meaning and placement in the company culture. There is a life outside of work and your employees need to know you understand that.

“More than one-third of employees would change companies for an employer that embraces flexible work” –Unify

Help them feel appreciated and stop them from leaving by being flexible. Allow for half days, work from home days or even the occasional ‘leave work early to pick up my kid day.’


4. Incentivize

Reward, Recognize, and Appreciate! Studies show only 24 percent of employees are satisfied with the level of recognition they receive at work. Battle this drastically low statistic by implementing and Employee Engagement and Recognition Program. These will help your company on a path towards maintaining a healthy company culture, increasing employee retention, and increasing your bottom line. 

Developing a healthy and productive company culture is something we find very important to overall success for a company. Here at Energy 2 Engage we strive to implement the above suggestions in our everyday business and have seen great results from it! 

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