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Stories Told By Employees: Your Company has a HIGH Turnover Rate, What Now?

Learn from the best: 3 perspectives from engaged employees

Your turnover rate is higher than ever and with the economy continuing to grow, more and more opportunities are opening for your best employees to leave.


Have you talked to your employees?


Do you know what is causing the turnover?


In many cases, they got a better offer somewhere else, they were never a culture fit to begin with, they never got the proper training to succeed, or simply they were never recognized for their efforts.

No matter the reasoning, you have an impeding issue. So, how do you stop the bleeding? Here are some thought provoking responses from surveyed employees.


Your company has a high turnover rate, what would you encourage top management to do to stop the bleeding?


Listen to your employees...


"If a company has a high turnover rate, I think management needs to really focus on getting with current employees to see what their major concerns are. I want to feel like my opinions or thoughts are at least being heard and taken into consideration. The happier the employees, the more they will strive to succeed in their work performance. If employees don’t have any positive reinforcements or appreciation, what will motivate them to be successful?"

Value your employees...


"I think the most important thing to do is to identify why people are leaving the company. Is it lack of benefits, low pay, long hours, negative work environment? It is extremely important that once the issues are identified, they need to be addressed. (It doesn’t do any good to recognize the issues and then ignore them.) There usually won’t be a magical overnight solution or change, but employees will notice and appreciate it. If I was unhappy in my job but knew that management was actively making changes (with measurable change in sight) to benefit employees and boost morale, I would be more likely to stick around to see the change. It is important as an employee to feel valued and cared for, and those feelings would make me may more apt to stay."

Maintain transparency within your organization...


"What would motivate me to stay at a company with high turnover? A huge, visible, and very transparent effort on management’s part to thoroughly analyze the situations with one-on-one employee interviews and concrete timelines for effecting change throughout departments. Employees should be evaluated to ensure they’re in the right position and that the tasks/responsibilities assigned to them make sense. Conversations should be candid and respectful so that employees feel comfortable being honest. Ask the employees what the company can do for them – whether it’s shifting to a different role, mitigating tension among employees, or more challenging projects."

Time to make change!


Is your company losing rock star employees or are you just skating by? Change doesn't happen overnight, but creating and communicating a plan to engage your employees is the first step to put your culture on an upward trend. 


Ready to take action? Learn more about Energy 2 Engage and our unique Employee Engagement programs to help combat your retention and turnover issues. 



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