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Engagement 'Drivers' Lead To Increased Productivity

The Most Impactful Employee Engagement Drivers

Defining productivity in your own words might come as a challenge.


Although it is an easy word to comprehend, productivity comes with many different meanings. In this case, the definition of enterprise productivity or the efficiency of a worker is what we will consider.


What qualities do you look for in your workforce? What strengths do you wish your new hires and candidates have?


If you don’t have a list at the top of your head by now, we suggest starting one!


The easiest route to figuring out which qualities best perform within your company culture is to look at your top performers. Often times this elite group will encompass key characteristics that help them rise to the top.


Our data shows characteristics such as effective communication, operative productivity, innovation, and desire for constant improvement help create a path to increased productivity and a positive impact on our company’s bottom line.


The question becomes, what can you do within your own company to ensure those essential qualities shine through in your team? or, How do you create an atmosphere of engagement to increase productivity?


There are many engagement ‘drivers’ that can affect the productivity of your day-to-day business activities. Although motivational tactics come in many varieties, it is important to recognize what your individual employees will benefit from and, in-turn, be motivated by.


According to a Harvard Business Review Analytics Services Report on “The Impact of Employee Engagement on Performance”....


The Most Impactful Employee Engagement Drivers: 

  • Recognition given for high performance

  • Individuals having a clear understanding of how their job contributes to the overall strategy

  • Senior leadership continually updates and communicates strategy

  • Business goals are communicated company-wide and are understood

  • Individual staff goals are aligned with corporate goals

  • Some or all staff pay is linked to corporate goal achievement

  • Training and development is organized around corporate goals

After you have discussed which characteristics top performers have, how to bring out those strengthens in employees and how to begin to cultivate employee engagement throughout your company, where does productivity come in?

“Unhappiness among workers in America is costing a shocking $300 billion per year in lost productivity, the Gallup-Healthways estimates.” –Marilyn Tam, The Huffington Post

“Highly engaged employees are 38 percent more likely to have above-average productivity” – Workplace Research Foundation


The difference in statistics is alarming. It is more evident than ever creating an engagement plan will help you increase overall productivity within your company.

Why not get started today?



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