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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Hates Coming to Work

And what to do about it

It might be early Monday morning, midday on Wednesday or late in the afternoon on Friday, but your team is unproductive, unmotivated and lacking energy.

You think ‘maybe it’s just the weather’ or ‘this will only last a week.’ Sorry to burst your bubble, but a turn towards negative company culture only leads to an even more severe spiral downward.


To get back on the right track towards a productive sales team, you must first ask yourself:

Why is this happening?


There could be many reasons for the low performance of your sales team. Use the reasons mentioned below as a guidance to discover what is happening within your own company culture.


sales team hates coming to work


Top 5 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Hates Coming to Work


1. No Motivation to Reach Goals


You set goals for your sales team to reach each month. Do they reach those goals? How often? If you are seeing a lack in performance, it may be due to a lack of exciting incentives. Create awards, even if they’re small, for those who reach their goals each month, for those who continually achieve success month over month and for those who bring in new business. Consider adding in milestone incentives and recognition along the journey to the monthly or quarterly goals to keep your team motivated.


2. Negative Reinforcement


How many times do you bring up your sales team's faults? ‘John isn’t selling enough’ ‘Sally hasn’t brought in a new customer in two months’. Flip the switch on the negativity and focus on the positives. Raising people up instead of tearing them down will produce a more effective and efficient company culture.


3. Zero Recognition When Goals are Hit


Great! Your sales team is hitting their goals month over month! Do you recognize anyone? Are you recognizing them in the way that harnesses the method they want to be recognized? Some of your employees may want to be recognized in a one-to-one setting, others in an email to the senior leadership team, and others in front of their peers. Ask your employees how they want to be recognized before they hit their goal so they have another reason to push hard!



4. Never Trained


Start from the beginning - maybe your sales team just doesn’t understand your product or company wide goals were never communicate to them. Communication and training are key when it comes to keeping your sales team engaged, motivated and productive. Consider having your sales team spend time with your product managers, marketing teams, or each other to learn new key phrases, features and benefits of your products or what challenges your existing customers faced before purchasing. 


5. Competition Atmosphere


One individual vs the team. While you should focus on the individual members of your sales team, you should also encourage collaboration, innovation and networking among your team. When heads are put together, innovation increases, motivation sees a long-term boost, and your employees become more engaged.


Make Work Enjoyable & Productive For Your Sales Team


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