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What Levels of My Business Can I Reward?

Top Management, Employees, and Sales Partners

Most top level executives who run engagement and incentive programs tend to focus on one level of their business to improve. We believe that is a valuable strategy, we also believe in cross-rewarding and cross-recognition.

If you look around your business you will find many levels of employees or partners that need a positive push towards engagement, productivity or even retention. Not sure where to get started or what levels of business you can impact? Check out our detailed list below for a good place to start!

Top Management


This group made up of business women and men are the last group many people think of when it comes to starting an incentive program. But often, they need incentives the most.

Think of the “slippery slope” theory you learned in school or the trickle down effect. Same theory here, start engagement and incentives at the top and it will disperse throughout the whole organization.



When you think of rewarding and recognizing your employees, there are many paths you can take. Some examples are:


- Peer-to-Peer Recognition

- On-the-Spot Rewards

- Service Anniversaries

- Birthdays

- Rewarding for achieving designated business goals

- Health & Wellness

- Recognition for consistently going above and beyond

The list is endless. It is all about you, your employees and your organizational goals. From there you can work develop an effective and efficient plan to get your employees motivated, engaged, productive and loyal.

Sales Team


When looking at motivating your sales team, there is one common theme: achieving goals. Set deadlines, reaches, challenges, goals, objectives or whatever you want to measure your sales team by. Then reward them for hitting those goals.

If you ask us, it is a pretty simple formula that leads to increased revenue for your bottom-line!

Channel Partners (Dealers, Distributors, Independent Sales Reps)


When thinking of your business, there are many outside factors that can contribute to your revenue numbers at the end of the year. Some being sales channel partners, distributors or channel relationships that help sell or distribute your product to your end customers.

Where to Start?

Look at every facet of your business, discuss goals and objectives, see where you could use a boost in productivity and revenue, and finally develop a plan - Energy 2 Engage will be there for you every step of the way.


We look at each client as a partnership and work to build a relationship with you. We will help you develop goals, set-up an online platform and allow your participants, no matter what phase of business, to get rewarded with what they want to be rewarded by



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