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How to Defeat Employee Burnout

And the benefits you will see of engaged employees

When you look around your office, do you see strong energy and devotion to everyday tasks or do you see exhaustion and lack of passion?


You might think, ‘well if I am energized, my team will be too’.


Unfortunately in today’s world, there are many things that prevent engagement in the workplace. It could be a generation gap, lack of incentives, a breakdown of communication or many other factors which lead to the dreaded employee burnout.

How can you tell your employee is burnt out? How did they get here?

Like we mentioned before, there are many factors that can shift your star employee to becoming your worst one. Often times their star characteristic of going the extra mile turns into low levels of energy, cynicism and a lack of professionalism. While these are not the only characteristics that define employee burnout, they are in theory the top indicators your employee is done.


Other factors such as taking more personal time, removing personal items out of their office and constantly receiving phone calls in the hall, can lead you to believe your employee in the burnout phase and heading towards the door.

Although this can be a frightening time as a manager, boss or head of a company, it can also be a huge opportunity for learning and growth. No one wants their employees, especially their star employees, to be stuck in the burnout phase. We all wish for our team to have strong energy and devotion to their careers and everyday tasks.

To Defeat Burnout: Start Engaging


Engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to their organization and their passion to meet goals and succeed. Engagement is something everyone should strive for within their enterprise. It not only helps prevent employee burnout, but encourages positive and beneficial behaviors.

Top Behaviors Employees Display When Engaged:

  • Work to solve problems, not just present them
  • Tell everyone how much they love their company

  • Goes above and beyond in everyday tasks

  • Collaborates with co-workers

  • Willing to help others and share their knowledge

  • Provide innovation and creativity

  • Display a positive and upbeat attitude

  • Help craft a beneficial corporate environment

The great thing about implementing engagement tools are they not only benefit your employees, but actually provide enormous beneficial strides for your company as a whole.

Benefits the Company Experiences From Engagement:

If you're like us, we see the two lists above and believe setting up an engagement solution is a no brainer. Whether you are looking to engage employees, incentivize your sales team or enhance your sales channel partnerships, we have a solution for you.



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