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20 Things You Can Do to Engage & Motivate Your Employees

Easy and highly beneficial motivational strategies

There are so many ways to show your appreciation to your team. Employee recognition programs and sales incentive programs play a huge part in showing value to your organization, but don't underestimate the smaller things in life. Below is a list of 20 extra ways you can show your team they are appreciated:




1. Say “Thank You!”

Send a thank you note or eCard to express how much your employees mean to you and your organization.


2. Employee Incentive Program 

Create an employee incentive program that sets challenging but achievable goals for employees to work towards and be rewarded for accomplishing those goals.


3. Go Public

Public recognition or praise within the organization for exceptional work by an employee.

4. Communicate

Consistently communicate and recognize employees’ efforts on the job.

5. Get Out of the Office

Organize company outings, gatherings or social events to engage employees in your organization’s corporate culture.

6. Reward Employee Loyalty

Provide anniversary awards for years spent with your company.

7. Incentivize

Design an employee specific incentive program to engage and motivate employees and their overall performance.

8. Give Out Rewards

Offer tangible and intangible awards for desired employee performance.

9. Ask for Ideas

Encourage employee suggestions and ideas that will increase ROI and overall productivity for your business.

10. Sales Incentives

Provide specific incentives for sales employees and channel partners to increase sales, introduce new products and services, increase market share, etc.

11.Get Traveling

Create a travel incentive program to award outstanding employee performance with a destination trip or vacation at the end of each year.

12. Get Active

Create a wellness program to promote a healthy lifestyle among your employees.


13. The Power of Choice

Give your employees the option on how they would like to be recognized or awarded.

14. Stay in Touch

Send out weekly or monthly communication updates on current goals, projects or contests that the employees are working towards to keep employees engaged in your organization's current events.


15. Provide Opportunities

Share opportunities for personal and professional growth. Invest in your employees' growth and it will only benefit your business.


16. "Well Done!"

Shout out accomplishments of your employees with an "On The Spot" or "Pat on the Back" reward for a job well done.


17. It's all About the Hardware

Presentation is everything - some employees will appreciate a plaque or other item they are able to display in their workspace to show others.


18. Ideal Work Environment

The ideal work environment looks different to everyone. But the important things - like communication, praise and recognition - never go out of style and are always appreciated.


19. Personalization

Give employee awards with a personal touch - a name plate for their desk, personalized note pads, etc. Get to know their interests and give them gifts with those themes - show them you value them as not just an employee, but as an individual person.


20. Random Acts of Kindness

Recognize them when they aren't expecting it. Let them leave a few hours early on a Friday just because. Random acts of kindness help keep your company culture from becoming monotonous and boring. 


Interested in learning more on how you can improve your company's culture? Reach out to us at E2. We're here to make your organization one of the best places to work with the most engaged employees!



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