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E2 Wants to Let You in on a Little Secret

Rewarding your people doesn't have to cost a lot of money

Crazy concept, right?


It's true.


It certainly helps to reward a loyal employee for their Service Anniversary of 20 years with a nice chunk of change. And that sales rep that closed a multi-million dollar deal? You're right, they probably would appreciate an incentive for that.


But those aren't the only ways to pump your company's working culture. That's not the only way to keep your employees engaged and motivated.


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Sometimes the big goals seem lofty and unattainable. But making smaller, achievable goals is a great way to keep your people feeling like they're making a difference (on the way to that larger goal!)


Do you have an employee who comes in every day with a smile on their face? Who gets along well with everyone on their team or in the office? Let them know how much you appreciate it.


Attitude is infectious.


People feed off energy, whether it be positive or negative. Building a team with positive attitude will save your company money in the long run because happy employees = productive employees. 
  • Write a Thank You card.
  • Give them a shout out for being such a great team player.
  • Make a Dunkin' run for their favorite drink or pastry (E2 certainly does this one regularly!).


The point - find the little things in your company that add up to the big things. Celebrate them. Celebrate your people, celebrate the wins and celebrate the growth.   

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