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  • WHO IS E2?


In 2002, a few wise leaders sat around a table and discussed how to revolutionize the loyalty industry. These leaders interviewed and listened to influencers, C-Suite executives, and front-line company representatives across multiple industries, blending their needs together to create Energy 2 Engage (E2). E2 has worked with the biggest and most innovative companies in their respective industries, harnessing customers and employees desire to be loyal to a brand through rebate, reward, and recognition programs.

To date, E2 has issued over $430 million rebate, reward, and recognition dollars allowing our partners to generate hundreds of millions in new sales revenue and keep their employee base engaged.

E2’s mission statement is “To create value and make a difference everywhere we engage by helping organizations grow their people and performance.” This starts in-house. A culture has been created that engages from the inside out at E2. Whether it’s a team outing to support the local minor league baseball team (Go Knights!), volunteering our time to causes our employees are passionate about, or enjoying local cuisine as a group – E2 strives to be a place which takes care of its employees, who in turn take care of our clients.


Upon initial glance, you might think our team’s diverse background is what sets us apart. We like to think what makes E2 stand out in a crowd is the fact that we have been there for our clients through multiple economic cycles and continue to deliver for them. We know what works best and are excited to grow together.

  • We know you want to exceed both your sales and people goals – that’s what we are here to do.
  • We keep your budget in mind, we assist you in getting buy-in from your senior leadership team, and we are efficient enough to have a program up and running in a matter of weeks.
  • E2 has a plethora of tools and employee experience to assist with identifying the root issues at hand, create programs to solve the issues, and execute the programs.
  • As an extension of your team, let us shoulder the administrative burden – feel free to be as hands-on or hands-off as you like.

Who are our clients?

Our clients enjoy the unique partnership we have in place. The spotlight and recognition belong on the client, not E2. We typically do not name our clients or the growth strategies we have in place with them.

What we can say, though, is that if you look around your home, office, garage or favorite retailer, you use or interact with our clients’ products on a daily basis. We have long standing relationships with privately held and publicly traded clients ranging in size from Fortune 500 to Inc 5000.


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Brian Learst


Brian Learst blends his extensive background in the incentive and travel industries with his depth of loyalty program knowledge as a partner in Energy 2 Engage (E2). From his roles as SVP with MMS Incentives and SVP and CFO at WorldTravel Partners, Brian provides a strong foundation in the development of innovative loyalty and incentive programs and methodology.

Barry Meisel

Barry Meisel

Chief Executive Officer

Barry Meisel brings a financially driven background to E2, with an uncanny ability to think strategically and tactically for the growth of both E2 and our clients. Formerly a SVP at Bank of America, Barry spent 5 years in various business development, strategy, and leadership roles. Prior to Bank of America, Barry served as the CFO for a large franchisee with a North American...

Alyssa Chapuis

Alyssa Chapuis

Director of Client Services & Operations

Alyssa Chapuis began her career at E2 as an intern in 2016. She quickly impressed leadership with her willingness to learn, great attitude and consistent innovation. Alyssa was exposed to all aspects of the business through her internship – from marketing to client services to accounting and everything in between. This experience has helped mold her into an all-around team player...


Loyalty is in our DNA. We are loyal partners to our clients and believe in loyalty to our community. We believe in giving a portion of our finances, time, and skills back to the greater Charlotte community which has helped shape us into the organization we are today. We are generous as a company and encourage one another to give to the organizations they’re most passionate about.


E2 has the following opportunities available:


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If you have a passion for client services, sales, marketing, or want to be true to your introverted self and stay behind the scenes, let's chat!


We have a tight knit team and choose to be selective when it comes to who we surround ourselves with. We strive to continue creating a culture of ambitious team members who push each other to be the best they can be, both in and out of the office.

Think you could be a great fit? Drop us a line and your resume to:



Remember, first impressions last a lifetime.


Energy 2 Engage (E2) delivers branded rebate, reward, and recognition programs through a pay-for-results model. Learn more about how you can exceed your sales and people goals! Contact us using the form below, and we’ll be in touch soon.


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