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4 Must Have Qualities of a Successful Sales Team

And how to harness these qualities

When on-boarding a new sales team or taking a step back to evaluate your current one, it’s important to be able to recognize each’s key characteristics. Energy 2 Engage can help your business ensure your sales team possesses certain qualities that will push your company reach its goals.

When sales representatives are engaged with their work and consistently meeting goals, they should be rewarded in order to keep motivation high. Here are some traits we think every successful sales team must have.

4 Must-Have Qualities of a Successful Sales Team:

1. Time Management Skills


When a potential buyer has interest in purchasing, there is only a certain window of time that the buyer will stay interested before taking their interest elsewhere. In addition, sales representatives have to manage their time wisely in order to meet with all potential customers and meet sales goals on time. According to CMO Council, lost sales productivity costs companies at least $1 trillion every year.

2. Trustworthiness


When salespeople are seen as trusted sellers, they’ll receive more referrals and repeat customers. Dale Carnegie says that “91% of customers say they’d give a referral. Only 11% of sales people ask for referrals.” Honesty and transparency goes along with trustworthiness. If a sales team is honest about their products’ value and prices, they are more likely to gain the trust of potential buyers.

3. Collaborative ability


A team is made up of multiple people for a reason – they’re more likely to reach goals this way. With the team encouraging each other as well as working towards the same goals, results will occur more quickly and there will be an uptick in customer satisfaction. The goals and duties of the team (as individuals and as a whole) should be transparent in order to facilitate collaboration.

4. Adaptability


You need your employees ready to take on anything, including any changes your company makes along the way. If a person is adaptable, his or her sales will stay consistent under all circumstances and these are the type of sales representatives you want on your team.

When your sales team is comprised of stellar employees that possess each of these qualities, they are likely already motivated to reach goals. From time to time, though, sales may be slow or your sales team may be lacking motivation.

How to Harness these Qualities?


Consider implementing a Sales Incentive Program to generate motivation and incentive your employees with rewards along the way.  Instead of just receiving commission from sales, your team will be rewarded for reaching certain milestones in the sales journey. With our custom-branded incentive programs, you have the power to choose how your employees are rewarded. The best part is that as soon as goals are reached, the incentives can be awarded instantly using our virtual platform, keeping your employees motivated at all times!



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