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Sales Incentives I Motivate Your Sales Force





"7 Compensation Tactics to Motivate Your Sales Staff"

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There is likely a gap between your organization's goals and behaviors - as a result, sales are suffering. Aligning, engaging and motivating your sales team is critical to success. Reduce complexity with a sales incentive solution from Energy 2 Engage and watch your business thrive.

Why You Need a SALES INCENTIVE Program


Positive Impact on your Bottom Line

Sales incentive solutions boost performance by motivating and rewarding your sales organization. Through a partnership with E2, your sales team will be better aligned with the company's success and not just focused on their individual goals.


Client Satisfaction & Brand Loyalty

An engaged sales team creates positive customer interactions. When an organization values and recognizes their employees, client satisfaction improves and brand loyalty grows.


Culture of Improvement

Motivated teams are innovative and always looking for ways to simplify and improve the sales process. Sales incentive programs foster a culture of productivity that delivers impactful results in the marketplace. 


A Committed Sales Force

What if you could retain your best while also raising performance of the rest? The cost is not limited to dollars when replacing a member of your sales team. Not only do you forfeit their knowledge and sales network, but your company loses valuable time and productivity. A sales incentive program with E2 will boost your team's commitment and results.


Sales Incentive Statistics

PArtner with E2: How it works

icon_cell.jpg You Contact Us:  Reach out to Energy 2 Engage (E2)! For more information about how to get started, questions about how our program works, or just want more general information on why Sales Incentive Solutions work, contact Energy 2 Engage. 866.855.6733 or info@energy2engage.com.
icon_female.jpg We Follow Up: Let’s discuss your goals and objectives for your sales incentive program. Our cloud-based platform, Kinesis, is cost effective and built to provide a beneficial online service for you and your team. No worries, we will partner with you to develop these goals and objectives to best suit your needs as a growing company.
icon_computer.jpg Develop RFP: Our team will collaborate with you on a comprehensive plan to achieve your desired goals. Your detailed RFP will outline transparent pricing, marketing and communication strategies, program benefits and reporting insights.
icon_shake.jpg Welcome to the E2 Family: We have now come to a agreement on how an sales incentive program will further motivate your team to drive performance. At this point, our team will build and launch your customized sales incentive program.
icon_gears.jpg Your ROI: Retain, Reward and Rejuvenate your organization through a sales incentive program.

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