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Employee Engagement:

1. What is employee engagement and why do I need an employee engagement strategy?

Employee engagement is the crucial connection between your employee's behavior and the mission, vision and goals of your company. You need an Energy 2 Engage (E2) employee engagement strategy to drive commitment to your organization, provide conviction behind meeting organizational goals, enhance productivity, lower turnover and ensure overall success.

2.  What are some employee engagement "best practices" that Energy 2 Engage would suggest?

- Understand that your business has unique challenges that E2 can help you identify and combat

- Develop goals and objectives through E2’s GAP methodology (Goal Aligned Performance)

- Use our innovative Direct-to-Retail Platform to train, motivate, communicate and reward your employees

- Make sure your employee engagement program can deliver a measurable ROI

3. How can E2's employee engagement program reduce my turnover rate?

When your team feels connected to company goals, valued for their hard work and are rewarded for beneficial behaviors, they will stay. E2 has dedicated several white papers and blogs to studying how engaged employees are less likely to leave a company.

Sales Incentives:

1. What is the definition of Sales Incentives and why do I need a sales incentive program?

Sales incentives are rewards given for hitting goals, going above and beyond, building network connections, increasing output, etc. Sales incentive programs continually make an impact on your bottom-line by increasing your revenue stream, enhancing customer-client relationships, building brand loyalty and by creating a committed sales force.

2. I already pay my sales team a salary and commission - why should I incentivize them more?

Incentives take paying your sales team a base salary and commission a step further. Motivate them to reach overarching goals, encourage them to consider their overall team (not just their individual gains), reward them for growing their sales network and watch your revenue stream drastically increase.

3. How can E2's sales incentive program increase sales for my company?

An Energy 2 Engage sales incentive program can undoubtedly increase revenue for your company. With a guaranteed ROI and proven increased productivity rates within sales teams, E2 is the company to call when trying to drive sales.

Channel Partners:

1. What is the definition of a channel partner and how should I reward my channel partners?

Energy 2 Engage looks at channel partner relationships as an outside partnership your company may have with another organization. This could be a vendor relationship, outside reps, referral partners or independent manufacturers and distributors. Luckily, no matter what type of channel partnership your company has they can be rewarded with E2’s unique Direct-to-Retail platform.

2. What is the difference between Sales Incentive and Channel Partner Incentive Programs?

Sales incentive programs are built for your inside team or those you directly manage, while channel partner programs are created to motivate and reward your outside vendors and partners.

ouR differentiatorS:

1. How does E2's Direct-to-Retail Platform differ from a Catalog Program?

The success behind a Direct-to-Retail platform is the ability to instantly reward your team with what they want to be rewarded by! There are no long periods of waiting, outdated items, warehousing costs or markups associated with E2’s Direct-to-Retail platform, like there are with traditional catalog programs.

2. How does E2's Direct-to-Retail Platform differ from a Gift Card Program?

Frankly, gift cards limit the ability to reward for each individual of your team. Everyone is different and wants to be rewarded with different things, so give your team that option through E2’s Direct-to-Retail platform! Also, our program is more cost-effective - ask us how!

3. My company is really small and incentive programs are really expensive, right?

Wrong! Each of Energy 2 Engage’s incentive solutions are customized to your goals and objectives, business needs and budget - we will work to design the perfect program for your company.