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"10 Reasons Why You Should Engage & Motivate Employees"

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Regardless of your industry, retention of the best and brightest employees is critical to success. Studies show that most employees leave their current company because they don’t feel motivated and recognized. Energy 2 Engage makes it easy for you and your managers to recognize employees for their outstanding performance and commitment to your company. The unique solution that E2 offers ensures that your participants have access to the most impactful and beneficial rewards experience available. Any employee can redeem relevant, direct-to-retail rewards that are uniquely motivational to them.

Why You Need an Employee Engagement Program


Enhance Loyalty & Dedication to Your Organization

Engaged employees are loyal employees. When an employee feels like their role in the company matters, they are more likely to take pride in their job. Commitment is a critical piece of maintaining the health of your business. 


Boost Commitment to Achieve Organizational Goals and Objectives

Close the GAP within your business with our goal aligned performance strategy. Work with E2 to develop goals and objectives that will drive performance with your employee engagement program, from on-the-spot rewards to peer-to-peer recognition.


Increase Productivity and Bottom-Line Revenue

The success of employee engagement solutions are clearly measurable. Developing an effective employee engagement program will boost your communication efforts, increase productivity, enhance loyalty, lower retention and much more!


Achieve a Lower Turnover Rate: Keep Your Key Contributors Around!

Each member of your workforce should feel part of the team - and they will, with a comprehensive and rewarding employee engagement program. Build a loyal and productive company with engaged employees!

The Employee Engagement outlook

Employee Engagement StatisticsEmployee Engagement Statistics

Partner with e2: How it works

icon_cell.jpg You Contact Us:  Reach out to Energy 2 Engage (E2)! For more information about how to get started, questions about how our program works, or just want more general information on why Employee Engagement Solutions work, contact Energy 2 Engage. 866.855.6733 or info@energy2engage.com.
icon_female.jpg We Follow Up: Let’s discuss your goals and objectives for your employee engagement program. Our cloud-based platform, Kinesis, is cost effective and built to provide a beneficial online service for you and your team. No worries, we will partner with you to develop these goals and objectives to best suit your needs as a growing company.
icon_computer.jpg Develop RFP: Our team will collaborate with you on a comprehensive plan to achieve your desired goals. Your detailed RFP will outline transparent pricing, marketing and communication strategies, program benefits and reporting insights.
icon_shake.jpg Welcome to the E2 Family: We have now come to an agreement on how an employee engagement program will further motivate your team to drive performance. At this point, our team will build and launch your customized employee engagement program.
icon_gears.jpg Your ROI: Retain, Reward and Rejuvenate your organization through an employee engagement program. 

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